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1-Union-801 | Blog Talk Radio Feed

John Broyles

Description: Show about the differences between military EMS and civilian EMS--well, that's what the ORIGINAL intent was. Now, it's the ONLY #CoEMS and EMS 2.0 radio show. Call in at (347) 826-7894 or email your questions to 1union801@gmail.com

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Head Injuries and PCP

Tonight we'll have Medic Trommashear on with us talking about PCP use and head injuries...and she'll be running the show tonight!...

The Reaper Returns

We'll have author Jerrid Edgington talking about his Racing the Reaper set of books...with the fourth one coming out this month!  

Plus, we'll have a couple more "Rhythms of the Night" and your phone calls...

Return of the Paragods

We'll have Sean Allen come on to talk about season 2 of Paragods, the YouTube series.

Plus, we'll have more "Rhythms of the Night"...how easy will they be?

Plus, it's Mother's Day weekend!!!!! Don't forget MOM...

Busting the Top 10 Trauma Myths

We're scheduled to have Kevin Collopy, Sean Kivlehan, and Scott Snyder come on the show and discuss their March EMSWorld article on prehospital trauma myths.  We'll be covering everything from nasal airways to MAST trousers to Lidocaine use in RSI...

The Code Green Campaign

Not only do we celebrate my birthday, but we'll have the folks from the Code Green campaign on our show to talk about how it started, and how it has helped reduce the stigma of providers seeking help--and preventing the worst thing to ever report...

Last time was fun, let's do it again

As of right now, we have no clue what we're going to be doing.  Probably reporting stuff we find on the big EMS news sites, a little more complaining about John's Psych 110 class, more head beating about clinicals, and a little bit of fun in the chatroom.



Blowing the dust off this thing

After taking damn near a year off, we're coming back to have us a little fun.  

We'll go over A semester and a half of AEMT class--to include my clinicals so far.

We'll thumb through JEMS and EMSWorld and find some good articles

We'll have your calls...

A short show to ask our audience for help

Play Download media
We're asking for help to go to EMSWorld Expo this year.

We've set up a gofundme and have a long way to go...

September Grab Bag

As it stands right now, I have no clue what we're going to do.  Acid/Base balance?  Cellular A&P?  We don't know.


Kilted to Kick Cancer

We're going to try this agian with the Happy Medic Justin Schorr talking about Kilted to Kick Cancer...
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