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Empowered Patient Radio

Karen Jagoda

Description: Exploring the world of precision medicine, wearables and sensors, mobile health, big data analytics, and changing role of care providers

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Turning Data Into Health Related Action

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Dr. Este Geraghty, Chief Medical Officer and Health Solutions Director, Esri.com@estegeraghty

Why place matters in healthcare, value of visualization to analyze health related data, and upcoming Esri Health GIS conference on unlocking smarter health...

Using Virtual Reality to Address Phobias and Panic Disorders

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Brenda Wiederhold, Executive Director, Virtual Reality Medical Center  vrphobia.com @VirtualBrenda

Using bio-feedback and virtual reality technology to help patients overcome fear of flying and other phobias and panic disorders, patients helped most by virtual reality treatments, and creat...

Personalized Physiology Analytics-What is Normal?

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Gary Conkright, CEO and Co-Founder, PhysIQ.com   @physIQ_health

Seeing the body as a complex system, using machine learning technology to improve identification of early warning signs, creating baseline body-function norms for each individual, FDA approval of Class II device for...

Relevant Personalized Health Information Served Up At the Right Time

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Santosh Kumar, Center Director NIH Center for Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-To-Knowledge University of Memphis MD2K.org   @MD2Korg

Addressing health needs through awareness of body functions and the natural environment to give meaningful feedback through mobile devices, addressing...

Managing and Preventing Obesity

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Donna Spruijt-Metz, Director USC mHealth Collaboratory  MetzLab.net  @MetzLab

Using sensors and self-reported data to provide just in time adaptive intervention to address obesity particularly in children...

Giving Consumers the Power to Create Their Own Health Records

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Walter De Brouwer, PhD, CEO, Scanadu.com @scanadu 

Democratizing medicine by introducing consumer products that can test vital signs and vital fluids, need to study health as it changes, and value of real-time data in creating personalized baselines and influencing behavior...

Digital Emphasis Drives Convenience for Customers and Pharmacists

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Adam Pellegrini, Vice President of Digital Health, Walgreens.com

Motivating and rewarding healthy behavior by integrating personal data allows Walgreens to provide more convenient 24/7 service, popularity of scan to refill and other mobile app functions, and the changing role of the pharma...

Developing Dramatically New Systems of Care

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Dr. Steven Steinhubl, Director of Digital Medicine, Scripps Translational Science Institute  stsiweb.org  @SteveSteinhubl

Preview of the upcoming Transforming Medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth conference where the goal will be to jumpstart efforts to drive development of evidence-base...

Improving Social Engagement With Healthcare Players

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Tony Rindsberg, CMO, Soci   meetsoci.com  @meetsoci

Using innovative content scoring model to improve quality of social media posts and engagement particularly for health related and rapid response online activities...

Evaluating Medical Mobile Apps

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Dr. Glenn Wollman, Medical Guide and Host MagicalMedicalTour.com  glennwollman.com

Innovations in medical mobile apps, opportunities for doctors and patients to improve understanding of conditions and personalize care, and what makes a good medical mobile app...
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