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Dr. Ann Dietrich & Dr. Michael Stoner – Pediatric DKA

Dr. Dietrich sat down with Dr. Stoner from Nationwide Children’s Hospital to discuss pediatric patients in DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis) and some of the challenges that may be encountered.

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Gunshot Wound To The Back

This is Dr. Kincaid’s first case study discussing a patient she treated that suffered a gunshot wound in the back.

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Dr. Kincaid Introduces Case Studies

Amanda sat down with Dr. Michelle Kincaid and discusses her background, experience, and her upcoming case studies here on MedFlight Radio!!!

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Ohio ITLS Conference 2016 – Mercy Health System MD1

In this episode Amanda was at the Ohio ITLS Conference in Columbus and spoke with Anthony Cellitti and Dr. John Pakiela about Mercy Health Systems MD-1 program.  This program puts physicians in the field responding with EMS personnel.  With active shooter situations on everyones mind, they dis...

The Ohio Department of Transportation – Who, What, Where, When, Why, & How

We are happy to welcome the Ohio Department of Transportation to MedFlight Radio! Press Secretary Matt Bruning joins us to discuss what ODOT does, and what YOU can do as citizens and first responders to ensure they can do their job as efficiently as possible. We also cover some road statistics in...

OhioHealth EMS – Director Holly Herron and Dr. Robert Lowe

In this episode we discuss some exciting happenings at OhioHealth EMS.  Amanda was joined by System Director Holly Herron and System Medical Director Dr. Robert Lowe. Besides discussing OhioHealth EMS, they also discuss the scholarship program developed in conjunction with Medcare Ambulance&n...

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