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How I Aced My Nursing School Exams! (Test Taking Strategies for Nursing Students)

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Nursing school exams are unique and require a different type of knowledge and preparation then you have probably been used to. We can help you prepare so you will have the confidence to succeed.  Just listen in to learn how … Continued...

SATA Questions the Bane of Your Existence? (Learn How to Dominate Select all that apply Nclex Questions)

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The SATA question is a struggle for a lot of nursing students.  You may have had very little or no exposure to them prior to nursing school.  It requires a thorough knowledge of the question being asked.  We can help … Continued...

Dealing With Anxiety During Nursing School Exams

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Want to know how to deal with test anxiety in nursing school?  We can help you get past the stress and help you feel confident in your test taking abilities!  Listen in with Kati Kleber for dealing with that anxiety. … Continued...

70+ Cheatsheets… in your scrubs pocket? (Scrubcheats App is Live)

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Just wanted to let you know about a really cool resource that we just came out with to make quickly referencing just about any piece of nursing information MUCH easier. It’s called ScrubCheats, and it’s an iPhone app that packs … Continued...

Feeling Like Time is Getting Away From You? (7 Nursing Time Management Principles)

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Unable to find the time to get everything done during your 12 hour nursing shift?  Do you feel like you are always stressed and rushing around?  Have you ever had one of those co-workers that always seems to be calm … Continued...

NCLEX in a Week? T – 7 Days (What To Do The Week Before The NCLEX)

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The big day is almost here.  One. More. Week. So, how should you go about these last 7 days before taking the NCLEX?  Take the week off?  Cram?  Cancel all plans and become a practice question taking machine? If you’ve … Continued...

Are You Proud to be a Nurse? (N is for Nurse Book)

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Just a short episode today to let you know about a new book I am so excited to share with you N is for Nurse: 26 Reason I Love Being a Nurse from A-Z (Gift for Nurses, ABC Book for … Continued...

Killer Communication (Communication and Time Management for Nurses)

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With all the demands and knowledge required for nursing it can be overwhelming to master all those skills!  Great time management will be required for you to become the best nurse you can be.  Our communication and time management tips … Continued...

When and How to Delegate as a Nurse

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Delegation is critical to being excellent with time management.  In this podcast we discuss how to know when and how to delegate.  We have created a little mini series in the NRSNG podcast covering time management for nurses that I … Continued...

Get Your S*** Together (time management for nursing students)

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Nursing school requires an intense amount of work.  To maintain the level of organization needed to stay on top of things you will need some planning.  Here are some great time management tips that will help you stay on top … Continued...
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