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Are You Focusing Too Much on the Trees?

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Are you focusing too much on the “trees” that you are unable to see the “forest”?  Problems will undoubtedly arise on your journey to RN.  While it can be hard, you need to find a way to step back and … Continued...

Truth Hurts (4 nursing school truths everyone is afraid to tell you)

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I want to share 4 truths about nursing school that no one else is going to tell you, because they suck.  But I want you to succeed.  I want you to reach the goal of RN . . . so … Continued...

10 Must Know Cardiac Diagnostic Studies (in 20 minutes)

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Today we talk about 10 of the most important cardiac diagnostic studies you need to know as a nurse. Specifically, we talk about: Cardiac Biopsy Cardiac Cath Chest X-ray CT Echocardiography (TEE) ECG Holter Monitoring Pericardiocentesis Stress Test Venography...

Dopamine vs Dobutamine

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Let’s face it: Dopamine and Dobutamine can be a bit confusing!  This podcast covers these two medications and helps to dispel the confusion around these two meds.  One is an inotrope while the other is an alpha agonist.  So if … Continued...

What Was it Like to be a Nurse During Hurricane Harvey? Nurse Erika Share Her Story

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When a natural disaster strikes, patients don’t magically stop being sick.  I am honored to share the story of Erika RN BSN, who stayed in the hospital 108 hours during Hurricane Harvey providing care for her patients. I am honored … Continued...

7 Ways Nurses Can Help With Hurricane Harvey

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It’s in our nature as nurses to want to help during time of disaster.  When asked, “Why do you want to be a nurse?”, most of us would respond with, “To help people.” In some ways, disaster is our call … Continued...

5 Steps to Writing a (kick ass) Nursing Care Plan (plus 5 examples)

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How can I put this lightly?  The sooner you come to love nursing care plans, the easier your career as a nurse will be. The relationship that most nurses have with care plans goes something like this: What the hell … Continued...

Super Simple Heart Murmur Trick + Something Personal

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Why do we do it? We love to overcomplicate things in nursing and health care.  I get it though . . . it’s a lot to learn, but I think we can make it a bit easier. One are we … Continued...

5 Nursing Students Share How to Succeed in Nursing School (Kick this Semesters Ass)

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I talked to 5 current and previous nursing students and asked them what advice would they give to new nursing students . . . Here’s what they said. Listen to the episode here: 6 Tips to Succeed in Nursing School … Continued...

10 Jobs for Nurses Outside the Hospital (can I have #6 please?!)

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Are you a bedside nurse looking for a nursing job outside of the hospital, or maybe a new nurse that wants to look into all your options in the nursing field? Maybe you want to stay within the hospital and … Continued...
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