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I’m a Little Bit Scared to Share This #vulnerable

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Can I be honest? I had an amazing experience last month.   It was one of those moments when you are filled with thousands of emotions ranging from happiness to sadness all at the same time.  Have you ever felt … Continued...

Time Management Matters (how to manage your time as a nursing student)

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Do you need a little bit of help with time management and organization during nursing school?  This podcast episode will help.  We will be releasing a series of episodes regarding time management in the coming weeks...

Ep237: How to Answer Any SATA Question (the SATA Success Pyramid)

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Learning how to answer SATA (select all that apply) questions is one of the most crucial skills to nursing school success.  We are asked all the time for tips and strategies on how to successfully prepare for and answer SATA … Continued...

Reddit Nurses Have Spoken . . .22 WORST Nurses Week Gifts EVER! (#5 has to be a joke)

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Can You Top These Nurses Week Gifts…. We asked some of our nursing friends on Reddit for examples of the absolute worst nurses week gifts they ever received (we got over 120 responses. . . all terrible).  The results shocked … Continued...

Ep235: Why I Slept on a Dumpster Mattress in Nursing School (the evolution of NRSNG)

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NRSNG started innocent enough in 2014 . . . with a desire to share a message that nursing education has to change. I wanted to share a message of intellectual humility and the need to create an environment of inclusion … Continued...

Ep234: Nursing Education Has To Change (stop getting your feelings hurt)

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Nursing Education Needs to Change! There is a major flaw with humans . . . we are wholly susceptible to cognitive biases. What are cognitive biases? Tendencies to think in certain ways that can lead to systematic deviations from a standard … Continued...

FF009 – Common Anti-hypertensive Medications (Friday Freebies)

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Let’s talk about antihypertensives . . . these are meds that you are going to be giving a LOT of, so it’s important to be familiar with them. Resources Mentioned: Friday Freebies MedMaster Course...

FF008: Neurological NCLEX Points (Increased Intracranial Pressure)

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In this episode, I share a little bit about Increased ICP (intracranial pressure).  The Friday Freebie for today is a 17 page PDF outline of the most important Neurological NCLEX points you need to know. Resources Mentioned: Friday Freebies NRSNG … Continued...

Ep232: How to Talk to Nursing Professors (even when they don’t want to talk to you)

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   Did you know Nursing is considered one of the most difficult undergraduate degrees (up there with Engineering and Physics)?   Add to this the stress of communicating with faculty and professors, it can seem unbearable.  In today’s episode, I share with … Continued...

Ep231: Feel Like You Don’t Belong in Nursing School? (neither did I . . . how I overcome impostor syndrome)

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   I want to share with you four significant moments in my nursing career.  These are moments that were “pivotal” to my career, yet I felt unworthy of the success and accomplishment. My goal with this isn’t to provide myself … Continued...
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