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Jimmy McKay, PT, DPT

Description: We talk PT, Drink Beer & Record it.

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230 – Teddy Willsey @StrengthCoachTherapy

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Jimmy talked with PT Teddy Willsey @ The Marymount LIVE college tour event.  Teddy has more than 150K followers on his instagram account @StrengthCoachTherapy where he puts out great exercise content on a regular basis...

229 – LIVE! From Marymount University

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Live show from Marymount University on 9/9 in Arlington VA with Marymount Professors Skye Donovan and Jason Craig.  PTs Amanda Hall & Amy O'Malley were also on the show with a live studio audience.

Skye talked about what to pay attention to as a student navigating your way through your first year...

228 – PT Day of Service Update with Efosa Guobadia

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Jimmy talks with Efosa from PT Day of Service about this year's event happening on 10/14/17.

The PT Day of Service Story

What if. I imagine a few things have started that way in the past, and a few things will start that way in the future. This particular ‘what if’ came to my mind in February...

227 – Dot.Physio’s Glenn Ruscoe and how it’s changing the Physio internet

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Jimmy talks to Glenn Ruscoe, a physiotherapist from Australia who is changing the digital landscape for Physiotherapy on the world wide web.  Glenn runs www.DOT.Physio offers domain names that brand the profession of Physio.  They talk about what .Physio means for the profession globally and how i...

226 – Mark Merolli on Digital Health & Physical Therapy

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Jimmy talks with Physiotherapist Mark Merolli, an Australian physio with a PhD in digital health.  They talk about how technology constantly transforms the field of Physical Therapy and how that trend will continue into the future.  Social media is also discussed from how it's used now to where it...

225 – What’s APPening?! –

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Name of the app:

PT Live

Who makes it:

Rob Vining

What is their website / where can you find more info about it:


What does the app DO:

If you own a clinic – They staff your website 24/7 with on-demand, professional PTs to field basic therapy questions...

224 –’s Jesse McFarland Why you need a website pro on your team.

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Jimmy talks to Jesse McFarland of about digital marketing and communications in the field of Physical Therapy.  Why do you need a professional website in 2017 if you're a private practice owner or a PT building a brand?  Jesse gives us a 6-pack check list for anyone with an existing w...

TBT – PT Day of Service w John & Efosa @ APTA NSC

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Jimmy talked to Josh and Efosa of PT Day of Service @ APTA NSC in Miami. 

We talked about the arc of the Global Day of Service and where they envision the movement going in the future. 

PT DOS is well underway right now and you can pledge your support here:  PT Day of Service

PT DOS Bio:...

223 – Mary Massery – If you can’t breathe, you can’t function.

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Jimmy talked with Mary Massery about her approach to breathing mechanics and her course “If you can’t breathe, you can’t function”, amongst others.  She talked about how she wound up in PT and how she “bent the rules” along the way to make herself be a better PT...

#TBT Stephania Bell – Fantasy Sports, Real PT

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In this episode, Stephania Bell of ESPN has a Corona Light and host Jimmy McKay enjoys a Bare Ass Blonde Ale from the DuClaw Brewery in Baltimore MD.

They talk how Stephania went from being a French Lit major @ Princeton to Physical Therapist to Injury Analyst on ESPN.

Stephania’s Bio:...
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