Tuesday EMS Tidbits

Tuesday EMS Tidbits

Bradley Dean, David Blevins, Eric McCullough

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Episode 201 - Introduction to 2016

Episode 201 - Introduction to 2016
Hosts: Bradley Dean, Eric McCullough, David Blevins

2015 brought the beginning of the Tuesday EMS Tidbit podcast as a collaboration between Bradley, Eric and I.  2016 brings the future of the podcast.  We have labeled our second year of operation the 200 series podcasts as we are still working on publishing some of the great episodes of our first season. 

In 2016, the #TEMSTB podcast is looking for a couple listeners that are willing to help out our project and allow us the opportunity to grow and sound even better.  Some of the things that we are looking for are as follows:

1 - Somebody that is interested in the field of post production.

2 - Somebody that is good with music and interested in coming up with a great new intro/outro music and possibly some in podcast transition music.  This would be recognized as advertisement during the episode and as a thank you at the end of the podcast. 

3 -  Somebody that is good with graphic design and is willing to work up something good for a new logo for the #TEMSTB podcast.  As with the good music, this would be recognized as advertisement (if in business) and in our credits. 

4 - Somebody, some group, or coupling of people that would be willing to help by sponsoring the program through advertisements/donations.  This will allow us to expand the equipment we use for the podcast and have even better quality. 

We are looking forward to recording more episodes in 2016 and hearing from you guys the listeners of the program.